Iron Roses


THE IRON ROSES Nathan Gray – Vocals Becky Fontaine – Vocals Pedro Aida – Guitar & Backing Vocals Philip “Eugenius ” Smith – Guitar & Backing Vocals Michael Espinosa – Bass & Backing Vocals Steve Cerri – Drums

The Iron Roses are a passionate, unique, and beautiful group of people making music that we hope will change the world. Fueled by the injustices of our current times – their songs are the kind of protest anthems that only a group of seasoned musicians could make. Still angry, still driven, and still screaming – this is a band that will never give up the fight.

The beauty of seeing these six individuals singing their truth is astounding. Watching them grow from strength to strength in the last few years it is unsurprising that this record is the outcome. They, and their songs, represent such power, love, and passion – something that we need more than ever in this world today.