Master Boot Record


MASTER BOOT RECORD (aka MBR) is a project founded in 2016 by producer Victor Love (AKA Vittorio D’amore) mixing together heavy metal and synthesized electronic music. The project as a live band started their live activity in 2018 including renowned live performing artists such as the guitar virtuoso and Ibanez endorser Edoardo Taddei at lead guitars and technical death metal drummer Giulio Galati.

MBR released 14 albums so far with multiple record labels and has been one of the most successful musicians on US digital distribution platform Bandcamp charting #1 in general charts several times. Because of that Bandcamp often featured the albums and made interviews directly with the artist.

Starting in 2016 releasing albums under the indie label Data Airlines has moved in 2018 to synthwave iconic label Blood Music to expand its audience to the electronic community. In 2019 MASTER BOOT RECORD settled with Metal Blade Records, the historic metal label based in Los Angeles to release the latest two albums “Floppy Disk Overdrive (2020)” and “Personal Computer(2022)” helping the project to gain increased popularity worldwide.

MBR has also produced the video game “VirtuaVerse” as well as its original soundtrack. VirtuaVerse was released in 2020 on all gaming platforms as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.

The rapid growth of the project sparked an intense live activity that culminated in 2023 with over 42 shows including 2 full tours in Europe and UK as well as participation in renowned European festivals such as Resurrection Fest (Spain), Euroblast (Germany), Complexity fest (Netherlands), Resistanz Festival (UK), SWR Fest (Portugal), Frantic Fest (Italy)

The band is currently scheduled to perform at major european festival Brutal Assault (Czech Rep.) in summer 2024 and has recently joined major booking agencies Doomstar booking in Europe and Heavy Talent in North America to increase their live activity in the future.