Pulsifier is a progressive rock band from southern Maine founded in 2023 by guitarist Christopher Skehan and lyricist/lead singer MeA, with bassist Patrick Ouellette, and drummer Jay Allen Grant. Pulsifier’s music is a raw and passionate style of progressive rock with a little edge at times, and a lean towards complexity; an eclectic mix of poetry and riffs, exploring the bounds of reality. The name “Pulsifier” is emblematic of the band recognizing that as musicians, they are a channel through which vibrations flow, transforming into something new to share. 

After listening to Pulsifier’s debut album “Scars” you will know them intimately through songs that bleed with emotion, and hold nothing back. The provocative and introspective lyrics and unique sound reflect the bands diverse array of influences. Pulsifier aims to connect with fans on a deep level, in an immersible experience for audiences with performances that are both intensely visual as well as audial. Reach out and let them hear from you or come say hi at a show. This group loves to meet and vibe with others looking to connect through music! Check back for upcoming shows and tour dates!