Chicago: YOU KNOW US! We have been playing ska on Chicago’s scene for over 20 years now! Performing mostly original compositions, Skapone’s driving rhythm section is complimented by outstanding vocals and horns. The band appears at at many clubs and venues, as well as corporate and charity events throughout the Chicago area and mid-west. The band hit the studio hard in 2007, recording tracks for a new CD. Mixing completed in 2008 and the CD was released to an outstanding and receptive crowd at Abbey Pub – Chicago, on August 16th, 2008. Band History: Mark Callahan was relegated to the bench on his Los Angeles high school basketball team. He had been a starter (as well as the team’s only white player). After the benching, he became despondent and quit the team to play music. He was then uprooted to the suburbs of Chicago. Some friends that helped out in the fine arts department at Main East H.S. borrowed an upright bass. Using that bass, Mark learned two Buddy Holly tunes for the school variety show. Amongst the crotch rocking wanna-be’s, they played two rockabilly tunes and from that humble beginning, Mark decided to form a SKA band. His girlfriend’s sister told him about a drummer named Mitch. Little did Mark know that he was the same Mitch who not only lived a block away from him, but had also attended the same kindergarten with him. The two got together with some other people who were somewhat capable of playing music and formed a SKA band, The Skatones. The band originated in 1984 and died in May 1985 when Mark (again uprooted) returned to Los Angeles. State Of Emergency (1985) State Of Emergency was created in September 1985 after Mark moved back from L.A. Mitch was still on drums, Mark on bass, and the seventh grade Chris Dorff on guitar. Mitch moved on to play with another Ska band and other types of music. Mitch’s departure ushered in Jim Strezewski. From 1987 until 1989, State of Emergency was probably one of the few 3-piece SKA bands to have ever existed. Al Goldman on trombone (Mitch’s brother) and Mitch on trumpet were added for a record release show in 1989 at Medusa’s. Both stayed on for the next 19 years. State of Emergency released a four song EP (self titled) in 1988 and an album titled Skaterbrain in 1991. Jim and Chris took off in 1992 and the band State of Emergency died. Out of those ashes, SKAPONE was born. SKAPONE (1992) SKAPONE took shape in 1992. Mark was on bass with Mitch and Al as the horn section. Lincoln (Link) Seabrooks was the new guitarist. Marie (Mark’s ex-wife), was the drummer. Various horns were added and subtracted. Eventually Skapone discovered Jason Duerr in the produce section of Jewel one Saturday afternoon. Jason joined the band in his senior year of high school and 15 years later, looks pretty much the same. 1996 brought back Jim Strezewski on drums. In 1998 Skapone release the full length CD, Bold New Flavor. Chris Dorff rejoined the band in 2000. Kurt Anderson filled out the horn section on tenor sax in 2001. Tony Dale joined for a stint and recording and has moved on to other projects. Jim Strezewski is back for his 3rd stint with Skapone and we love him!