Sons of Ra


Hailing from the underground scene of Chicago, this eclectic ensemble draws inspiration from avant garde music, classic jazz fusion with post-progressive sensibilities, infusing their music with cosmic vibrations and experimental fervor. Drummer Michael Rataj lays an energetic and ever-shifting rhythmic framework for tenor saxophonist/bassist Keith Wakefield and guitarist Erik Oldman to weave angular, contrapuntal melodies with ethereal textures augmented by loops and synthesizer explorations. Sons of Ra are not merely a band; they are sonic sorcerers, weaving spells of experimental brilliance that transcend the boundaries of traditional genres. 

They’ve shared the stage with such artists as Stu Hamm, Sonar, Chester Thompson & Alphonso Johnson, and Consider the Source. 

Sons of Ra released their EP “Cognitive” in 2020 and are currently in production for a six-part suite “Tropic of Cancer” and their first full-length release “Standard Deviation”, both planned for release in 2024. 

Erik Oldman: Guitar/Bass/Synth
Keith Wakefield: Bass Guitar/Tenor Saxophone/Synth
Michael Rataj: Drums