Sunny War


Sunny War enlivens traditional folk and blues by freshening her musical attack and writing lyrics that reflect 21st century concerns. Her first album, “Worthless”, arrived in 2014, and she continued to gain attention as she built up a cult following that crested with the release of 2018’s “With the Sun”.

Born Sydney Lyndella Ward to a single mother in Nashville, the singer/songwriter spent her childhood moving around the United States with her parent, spending significant time in both Nashville and the Detroit suburb of Rochester. During this time, she learned to love a wide variety of music, picking up the guitar at the age of 13. After she spent a rough period combating substance abuse and poverty, she gravitated to blues and folk and relocated to California settling in Venice Beach.

Adopting the performing name Sunny War, she’d sometimes moonlight with her punk side band Anus Kings, but it was her folk-blues showcased on a self-released album that began to gain notice from local scenesters – including critics at LA Weekly. After a few years, she released her official debut, “Worthless”, which appeared in 2014. A second independent record, “Red White and Blue”, arrived in 2016.

In 2018 Sunny War released, via Hen House Studios, “With the Sun”, After that album, she moved from Venice Beach to downtown Los Angeles, quickly delivering her next LP also on Hen House “Shell of a Girl”, the following year. Her critically acclaimed EP “Can I Sit With You” premiered in 2020.