When Thao was in kindergarten, misguided kids called her TOWEL…
Willis Thompson and Thao Nguyen met in a re-enactment in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. We found Adam Thompson one summer at a Richmond delicatessen, gingerly slicing. We got in a van together and stopped every night in different places. We got out, played music (often for real live people) and then got back in and rambled to the next town.
We recorded one album, drove around and flew to and fro, and then we recorded another. Both albums document the musical collaboration of many friends and colleagues and the efforts of one Thao to understand human interaction at all, ever.
When the band is on tour we stop at rivers and skip stones competitively. On days off, Adam bakes bread and prepares dinner while Willis builds percussive instruments using only bottle caps and intuition, and Thao awkwardly lifts the one 10-pound weight she has brought along to stay in shape for shows. Everyone watches the Food Network and the Discovery Channel together for dessert. The three of us share many hopes; most center around getting co-starring roles in a Mentos commercial and sleeping in separate beds while traveling.
We are very grateful for our musical lots in life and will always try our best to act accordingly. We thank you, very sincerely, for your ears, and your time, and your penchant for showing up and dancing.