Jucifer: Sludge Metal


Formed: Athens, Georgia 1993

Genre: Sludge Metal

Originally from Georgia, ear-blasting sludge band JUCIFER has been constantly touring since the early 2000s. After five albums, two EPs, and three DVDs, the duo will be taking over the Rock Club on Thursday, August 30, headlining a show of carefully selected death and doom metal bands. JUCIFER’s live show has minimalistic instrumentation, with Gazelle Amber Valentine’s harsh female vocals and massive chugging guitars, coupled with the heavy hitting drums of her husband, Edgar Livengood. Do not let the numbers fool you, JUCIFER is known for being loud as hell and takes their influence from many non-American sources, utilizing unusual scales and rhythms for an intensely hypnotic experience that leaves the ears ringing for the next month. This show is a must-see sludge metal experience.



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